Sturge Weber Awareness Day

The charity intended to hold an Awareness Day this year on a day that would be of particular relevance to anyone affected by Sturge Weber. We chose the date on which Dr William Allen Sturge was born as he was the doctor that first discovered the syndrome. After some searching we contacted the Registry Office where his birth was registered and were informed that he was born on 1st November 1850.

The prime objective of the Day is to raise awareness of the syndrome, so please involve your friends, schools and place of work, in any activity likely to achieve this and if you do wish to raise funds as well, so much the better. Suggestions for this could be;- holding a coffee morning, wine and cheese party, cake sale, quiz night, raffle, auction and involve your local media. On the day, wear the colours of the Awareness Day logo which are white and blue, so please wear either or both colours.

So that the logo could be used by everyone to promote the day, we chose one completely different from those used by all the other Sturge Weber charities and involving the world globe, as we are trying to involve everyone and the other Sturge Weber groups in as many countries as possible. There will be a joint Facebook page for this day with input from other groups and a website.

For more information about Sturge Weber Syndrome visit

For more information about Sturge Weber Awareness Day visit the Sturge Weber Awareness Day Facebook page

Dr. William Allen Sturge.
Born 1st November 1850
and died in March 1919.
Dr. Sturge was the personal
physician of Queen Victoria.

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